Insight relationship coaching with Kate Hobbs

“Kate has helped me through some of my darkest days. Without her guidance and encouragement I would have never left my loveless and emotionally abusive marriage. I have moved forward with my life and have been beyond fortunate and blessed to have found love, light, and happiness for not only myself but my four kids. I never would have had the courage to leave. I’m happier then I could have even imagined. ”

Carrie – mother of 4

Are you’re looking for …
less DRAMA in your relationship?
more SEX and deep passion in your life?
to not be told you’re “WRONG“ all the time!
or someone talk to that you can TRUST.

If any of these hit home …book a Free Discovery call today.

About Kate

I’m a life coach who specializes in relationships, holding space and creating deep connections. I grew up on the east coast and have always had a passion for true connection and meaningful conversations. I’ve never been one for small talk and don’t handle “fake” BS very well either. Life is much better when you say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s not always easy, that’s for sure but it’s refreshing! Conversations don’t always have to be dark or intense but passion is important to me. It can be as simple as talking about your delicious morning COFFEE!

I have gone the non-traditional route in my training ranging from intuitive workshops, couples counseling courses, weapons training, endurance events, trauma courses and acting school. Each of those pushed me out of my comfort zone in different ways. Ultimately giving me quite a diverse perspective on many complex situations.

Sometimes people need someone to listen or share another perspective. I believe in open, honest conversations even if they are hard. Being open and vulnerable is key to deep connection and I think the fastest way to create meaningful change and lasting relationships. Vulnerability EQUALS power to be free. I look forward to working with you!

– anonymous

Life Experience & Personal Challenge Resume

ADVENTURE, TRAINING & ENDURANCE Outward Bound – Rio grand – rock climbing / canoeing 1986
Outward Bound – Baja – sea kayaking 2007
Outward Bound – Minnesota Boundary Waters – dog sledding – February 2007
BONEFROG Challenge – 6 OCR Races 2013 -2017
Catamont Games – Winter 2016 & Spring 2016NOLS – WFR certification 2017
NOLS / AALE Leadership course 2017
Sealfit level 1 – 3day academy 2014
Sealfit 20X – 2015Sealfit Sheepdog Event – self defense / Firearms training /Emergency Medicine -2018
Spartan Seven – Montana Shooting /combat skills Experience 2018Spartan Seven – Executive Training Adventure – Texas 3 Day Shooting( sniper, skeet, pistol )Event 2018 
Spartan Seven – Car racing skills/combat skills /home defense – AZ 2019
 Spartan Seven – Skydiving/mindset /home defense Event 2019
Spartan Seven – Shooting & Mission planning – WA 2019
Spartan Seven – Shooting ( rifle and pistol) – Idaho 2019

William Esper – six week summer intensive – 2009
William Esper – 2 Year Program 2010-2012
Wyatt Webb – Immersion 2012 / 2013 / 2018
Unbeatable Mind retreat – 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017/2018
Dan Brûlée – Breath Workshop
Judith Orloff– Intuitive workshop – 2018
George Faller LMFT – EFT Externship
James Von Praagh – Signs and Signals from the universe 2018
James Von Praagh – Advanced Intuitive training 2018
Josh Mantz – Asymmetrical Therapy course 2019
Jessie Itzler -BYLR Course 2018
George Faller LMFT – EFT Core Skills 2019

” Don’t settle for the one you can live with wait for the one you can’t live without…”

Process & Information

The Discovery Call

Book a free 30-minute discovery call today!

Just like dating it’s important that we have a good connection. After we discuss your goals and see if we are a good fit, I recommend we connect 1-2 x a week, usually for 6-12 months, depending on your goals. Regular sessions are 1 hour. We can either meet over Skype, Zoom, or we can meet in person.

What I offer.

I offer 75–minute sessions for regular check-ins, and 15-minute emergency calls (for existing clients only). Schedule a session.

Three-hour, Full Day & Multi-Day Sessions

I also offer three-hour, full day and multi-day sessions for those who want to take a DEEP dive. We can hike, meet at the beach, whatever is the best. Being active can be very helpful in processing whatever is going on. For those that have extremely busy schedules I had meetings on planes. There are many options to support your needs!
Times vary. Book a session.

Kate is incredibly insightful, on point and honest. She provides guidance and support in working through personal life challenges and struggles. A true gem.

-Sarah H. 🦋

Payment through PayPal.
Payment 24 hrs in advance for regular sessions. Payment is 72 hrs in advance for Three Hour & Full day Sessions.
Cancellations: For regular sessions within 24 hours, please, or 50% is due.
Cancelations : For Three-Hour & Full Day Sessions are within 72 hours, please or 50% is due.
Discounted rates for First Responders, Active & Retired Military (ID required)

I look forward to working with you.✨

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Payment through PayPal.

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